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    32 million + bookings protected
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    Protecting travellers between purchase and travel.

    The service is made up of three parts and benefits both holidaymakers and travel providers:

    Commitment from travel providers

    Wherever you see the Trust Protects.Me logo, you can feel assured that you are booking with a travel merchant who has taken measures to protect your payment against their insolvency.

    Definitive, digital,

    Each and every travel payment which flows through our technology is issued a unique ID. We refer to this as the “Trust ID”. This ID is your confirmation that your payment has been financially protected against the insolvency of your travel merchant. 

    Friendly and proactive claims management team

    We have an in-house team dedicated to guiding you through uncertain times, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of your travel merchant ceasing to trade before you have returned from your trip. From refunds to repatriation, their aim is to lessen the impact of provider insolvency.